Workshops & Talks

Personal Growth and Relationship Enhancing Programs

The Appreciative Living course is the introductory course to all of the personal growth and relationship enhancement programs. This workshop is about finding and harnessing the inspiration, wisdom and resources contained within your own life story.

The Appreciative Relationships Workshop deepens the knowledge gained from the Appreciative Living workshops and is centred around finding the empowering and appreciative knowledge about yourself that you gained from relationships.

The Introduction to Appreciative Personality Psychology is the introduction to a new approach to understanding personality that is deepens the journey of more deeply and profoundly appreciating of yourself and others in ways that are both affirming and empoweringThis course will is the entry course to the on-going  in-depth studies of personality that will be offered for those who are interested in working more effectively with people and having more conscious and fulfilling personal and professional relationships..

Gift vouchers are available for all the personal and relationship courses

Corporate Programs

Courses and workshops are modular and scalable.

The duration is determined by number of planned participants.

Personalised attention ensures that participants derive maximum benefit from the material.

The emphasis is personal development and practical application.

The aim is that courses are life changing -not merely knowledge enhancing, interesting or entertaining.

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