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My work is driven by the passion to inspire and empower you to realise and manifest your full potential in all spheres of your life.

My vision is to create a more appreciative world.

When you fully appreciate the depth and breadth of your own inner wisdom and resources you will know deeply that you have power and potential beyond what you have previously dared to imagine.

The unique power of this approach is that it distils profound psychological, philosophical and mystical concepts into practical applications without diluting or losing profundity and depth.

This appreciative approach will enable you to clearly recognise and reclaim power and effectiveness from the blind-spots and places where habit and ignorance causes you to get in your own way.

I am convinced that that you have come into with world with a unique set of skills, talents and personal attributes.

When you fully appreciate the extent of your true potential and worth, you will value your life and the lives of others in ways that foster harmony and co-operation in the world.

To participate in this appreciative movement you need to recognise and tap into your deep yearning to:

  • to realise your true worth,
  • to manifest and contribute your full potential in the world,
  • to lead a life that has significance and value
  • and for the unique legacy you leave to be recognised and appreciated.

When you do this, you will become aware of how the actualisation of these ideals is a necessary pre-condition for you to live a full and meaningful life.

When you tap into this yearning and allow it to guide your choices, you will more and more feel complete and at peace with yourself and the world.

All difficulties in your life and relationships are the result of the frustration of these ideals. Struggles occur either because of you lack awareness as to your abundant skills, talents and abilities or unaware of the true motivations and values that drive you. Alternatively your potential is being frustrated or thwarted by people who undermine or do not recognise all that you have to offer.

I use a thorough and in depth understanding help individuals, organisations, teams and groups create the culture and environment that will give the afford people the best opportunity to manifest and grow their potential.

Leonard Carr Consulting is a niche company that does not compromise on the values of integrity, compassion, wisdom, rigor, authenticity and depth.

If I choose to partner or embark on joint projects with individuals and companies, it will be only with those who show equal commitment to these values.

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