Diversity Management: Transformation through Leveraging Talent Value

Diversity Management: Transformation through Leveraging Talent Value

Diversity challenges you to reflect upon your perspectives and approach to life and tasks.

It also challenges you to reflect on the strengths and limitations of your ways of thinking, being and operating.

Being confronted with difference affords you the opportunity to deepen and broaden your own limited world views, become aware of the limitations and blind-spots in your approach to life, develop more empathy and compassion for others more insight and wisdom into other people.

Most of all, embracing diversity drives home the point that that none of us in isolation is as talented, clever, creative, skilful and wise as all of us working together and leveraging our differences.

In this workshop, you will be given a encompassing view of diversity applied to managing workplace relationships.

This workshop has relevance to leaders, a managers and team members.

The workshop over the topics of:

  1. The ways that your approach to life are shaped by personal narrative
  2. Personality as viewed through the very comprehensive approach of Appreciative Personality Psychology and Mapping and the Enneagram
  3. World view as described in the Spiral Dynamics Model
  4. Generational differences in peoples approach
  5. Cultural diversity
  6. The workplace consequences of the mismanagement of diversity

The workshop can be conducted over a one or two day period depending on whether the requirement is for a purely theoretical overview or a more in-depth understanding with practical applications would be preferred.

A brief overview of the topics listed can also be done in a half-day presentation format.

Each of the topics for this workshop is offered as a comprehensive course and as part of the one year leadership and management program.

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