Transformation: An Authentic Conversation (with Leonie Ellis and Leonard Carr)

Recently I was introduced to Leonard Carr, who facilitates the transformation of unconscious companies/teams/employees into conscious ones.   His name slipped into the conversation, when a team member was enthusing about participating in an authentic conversation with her line manager as a result of Leonard’s facilitation.  This discussion was the first time that both parties ‘got each other’ without labels or prejudice.  I was compelled to share Leonards’ insights with you in this edition as I see communication being one of the greatest barriers when teams do not achieve their vision.

I am not assuming these conversations are not being had!  Rather I am opening the conversation for robust debate.  I appreciate am wondering into uncomfortable territory that has evoked reactions (I relayed some of this recorded conversation over dinner with very dear friends who nearly showed me to the door before dessert).

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