Transformation: 20 Years Later

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Introduction by Leonie Ellis (3 min)

  • Introduction to the Conversation
  • Who is Leonard Carr and how has he contributed to Transformation?
Interview Part 1 (4 min)
  • Why are we having this conversation about Transformation?
  • What are the blocks to Transformation?
Interview Part 2 (4:30 min)
  • What is Transformation?
  • What are the issues surrounding the conversation on Transformation?
Interview Part 3 (3 min)
  • How can we create a “culture of Transformation”?
  • Whose responsibility is it and why is it essential to invest in the process?
Interview Part 4 (6 min)
  • Practical advice for improving your Transformation experience
  • What Can I Do?: How a Candidate can make Transformation work
  • What Can We Do?: How Organisations can play their part
  • Closing Remarks

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