Training to be talented

Natural endowments, beauty for example, eases ones path from the earliest age in life in ways that cannot be imagined. Children prefer to play with pretty kids, those who do not have looks or are for example overweight may have a harder time with making friends or getting noticed. Natural charm, talents and abilities and privilege and ease of life can be a blessing or curse. Lack in an area means having to draw deep into ones resourcefulness and creativity in order to compensate for what is lacking in order to achieve what for those to whom it comes naturally and easily is taken for granted. Herein lies part of the secret of why  many people who were average or worse at school succeed in life far more than some of their “it kids” counterparts who appeared to have everything. Teachers think that they are doing children a favour by having favourites or pets, championing for the promotion of some children and not for others. The chosen children have to perform, live up to expectations and play the part that they have been, albeit willingly, recruited into. These children are often forced to fake it and morph themselves into a role that does not come naturally. Later they often either burn out or drop out because of the pressure. Alternatively they may find that in the real world in an open market falling back on true substance is what counts and you don’t have the protectzia that you had at school. To everyone’s horror they discover that these kids with their artificially pumped confidence that they had shown at school deflates into a limp artifice of their former glory.

While the hares referred to above were running ahead in of the game at school, succeeding with little real effort and a lot of help, the tortoises, as Aesop’s fable goes, were working hard building all the talents and strengths that they needed to get ahead. They grew quietly and in unassuming ways, keeping blissfully below the radar of anyone who could cast them into a mould that did not fit with who they really were.

These second group grow up with a sense of their own substance, depth, skilfulness, creativity and inner wisdom. They feel self-assured as opposed to artificially confident, they feel secure in the knowledge of their true capability and feel free to define their own path, not having to live up to the expectations of others.

The fundamental point is that we grow and get a sense of self-worth, self-reliance and self assurance from being challenged to discover and them draw upon our real talents and abilities and this can only happen if we are challenged to do so.

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