The world is not created for human habitation

The world is not created for human habitation. Every organism has its own niche in which it survives naturally. From micro-biology to macro economics, from shoe making to solar heating to writing this column, human life consists of making the world hospitable and solving problems of living. We face our first big obstacle just leaving the womb safely, learning how to make demands in order to get our needs met, and then struggling for mastery from then on every step of the way. As we progress we face more obstacles. Some are internal, like learning disabilities or our own self limiting beliefs that stem from fear and doubt. Others are external, like inadequate parenting, bullies, poverty, and political disenfranchisement. If one made the list comprehensive enough one would see that no one has it easy their whole lives and no one who ultimately succeeds did so without any struggle or hard work. If one looks at how much greatness arises out of adversity and how little if any out of comfort and ease, one realises that we in fact grow in the places where life lets us down or fails us. In comfort we have no reason to grow, or to draw on resilience, resourcefulness wisdom or creativity. The difference between those who make it big despite adversity and others trying to hold them back and those who stay stuck is that the first group holds on to hope, and in so doing search for the opportunities to turn their adverse circumstances into an advantage. The people who stay stuck give up their own power to their circumstances. They do this by complaining, blaming and making excuses for their own stuckness. Those who get ahead are the ones that find opportunities to show their personal distinctiveness thereby becoming bigger and better than the people or situations that hold them back. These are the people who use success as the best form of revenge.

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