The Voices in Your Head

One of the questions a psychiatrist asks a person suspected of being psychotic is “do you hear voices”. The truth is that we all hear voices. The difference is that psychotic people experience the voices as being alien and outside of themselves while the rest of us think that we are hearing our own thoughts. These voices make up what I refer to as the Greek chorus.

Seldom do you hear your own true voice. It is the voice that speaks to you in whispers of intuition and deep inner-knowing. Sometimes it is so still that you may miss it altogether. Part of the challenge of becoming a mature person is to find your inner that speaks to you in inspiration and wisdom. It is the voice of your intuition. It is the inner knowledge of your true needs, feelings values and preferences.


Finding your inner voice is the first necessary step to mastering the challenge of taking full ownership of your authority and life purpose.

In this workshop you will:

  1.  Start to tease out the messages and words of your own internal chorus and distinguish these from your authentic voice.
  2. Get in touch with the voice that you use in your primary relationships and the effect that it has on the people who are important to you.
  3.  Discover the voice that encourages you and others to be bigger than what you or they thought possible

The cost of this workshop is R 750 excluding vat. The cost can be claimed from medical aid and be alsomost entirely covered as group therapy.

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