The Politics of Everyday Life-Voices, Veto’s and Votes

Elections, voting, the conferring and withdrawal of power make one think about the politics of everyday life. There in families and work places many explicit or subtle that people signalling who is of low rank or status and who holds the power.


In the shadow world of family or office politics, rank has nothing to do with official position or title which is what makes it so pernicious and damaging.


The power of rank over actual position works best when it is well concealed, either by being pursued very discretely or because of implicit rules that make it dangerous for anybody to refer to or challenge the politics.


People challenge and disarm these destructive dynamics when they are straightforward and say what they mean, fully show up in all their interactions as well as making sure to see, hear and respect everybody equally.


In this workshop you will:


  1. Become familiar with how power operates in relationships and its effects on organisational and group dynamics.
  2. Identify your own experience of power relationships and the consequences that this has in your life.
  3. Make conscious choice about how you would prefer to manage power in your world.

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