The Integrated Lifestyle Make-over Program

The latest nutrition and lifestyle revolution emphasises sustainable results from a program that you can enjoy and live with long-term.  Dr Charlene Wolberg, a medical doctor with advanced qualifications in dietetics and Leonard Carr a clinical psychologist and internationally recognised expert on personality have teamed up to create a holistic integrated lifestyle program based on years of collective medical, psychological and dieter experience.  This program is designed to educate, support and empower people to create an optimal and above all enjoyable healthy lifestyle. The program is customised to suit individual food preferences, lifestyle as well taking into account your personal make-up, temperament, culture and relationship with food.

The Aims of the Program

  1. A medically, nutritionally and psychologically sound personalised adaptive program-personality, food group preferences, medial choices, life stages and transitions or crises, diet plan lifecycle etc Developmental marketing approach.
  2. Challenge and inform myths about food, fat, body shape and fads. Reframe concepts like goal weight and BMI. Fluctuating normal etc.
  3. Free people from misinformation and prejudice to embark upon and embrace an affirming sustainable approach to lifestyle for individuals and families. (focus on children by changing family approach to food)
  4. Empower propel to make informed choices about intervention alternatives.
  5. Focus on long term general well-being with support in all aspects of living.
  6. Help people to understand weight as an alibi for not owing power and well being not cause. Help people to understand underlying unconscious obstacles to weight loss.
  7. Greater self-appreciation and this program as in investment in self not a punishment for bad eating in the past.
  8.  Simplify issue of personality, boundaries etc to make them accessible without losing depth.


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