The Excellence Code: How to Succeed in Failure

How to Succeed in Failure

1. Subscribe to the belief that less than perfect is failure.

Tenaciously hold on to the belief that anything less than perfection is failure and that you need to be perfect and get it right all the time.

2. Be Superwoman/Superman

Believe that if you are good enough then everything you do should go easily and without effort. Believe that you can do it on your own. That way you will not have to share credit with anybody else. You will therefore never have to admit personal limitations or need.

3. Believe that if you cannot be the best or win then you are a loser.

If you are not certain of rising or staying on top rather then it is safer to do nothing. Never risk in case you have to take a fall.

4. Believe that you should have no limitations.

Take on everything. Never set limits or boundaries. Ignore your needs and feelings. Be everything to everybody because after all, limitations are for losers.

5. If it’s not done right. It’s not worth doing at all.

Never do anything that will not be perfect because any flaw in what you produce reveals a defect or shortcoming in yourself and you cannot afford to appear to be anything but fabulous.

6. Avoid being challenged.

What if perchance someone challenges you and actually discovers or worse, reveals that you are not a messianic super hero.

7. Subscribe to the view that if you succeed, someone will get hurt.

People do not like tall poppies when they subscribe to the excellence code but are too lazy, deficient or inadequate to follow the rules. If you outshine them you might hurt them and then you will look bad or it will incite them to retaliate. That is after all why its lonely at the top.

8. Believe that if you do well this time then you must ALWAYS do well.

Once a super hero, always a super hero. If you never try again who could ever prove that you aren’t.

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