Appreciative Relationships-The “Built to Last” Relationship

Great relationships are built. Mediocre or failed relationships are described by participants as something they have rather than something in which they invest and co-create.
Good relationships have to be consciously maintained; they do not just happen.

People nowadays expect a new type and quality of relationship and yet have no clear definition of what that would be, or what values or approaches are needed in order to create such relationships.

In order to build an intimate relationship the couple needs to know what exactly it is that they are building. This means knowing what type of culture they wish to have in their relationship, what will be expressed through that culture and what disciplines and practices will support those values.

Relationships need to be created in ways that allow both participants to feel equally at home in the relationship, to feel that their voices count equally in the relationship.

• In this workshop you will:

1.    Learn what it takes to optimise constructive positive feelings and manage and contain destructive negative feelings.

2.    Find out ways to cultivate peace in the home by adopting an appreciative approach to your relationship

3.    Discover how you pay attention and how this affects your experience

4.    Learn about the qualities needed to protect the atmosphere and culture of the home.

5.    Find out how to maintain places for the relationship that are sacred and insulated from stress or the concerns of the outside world.

6.     Learn why investing in your own growth is an investment for the relationship.
The cost of this workshop is R 750 excluding vat. The cost can be claimed from medical aid and be alsomost entirely covered as group therapy.

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