Ms Vimla Maistry

I would like to commend Leonard Carr for his work in developing teams that are functional and contribute to the expected level of professionalism at the Department of Public Enterprises (DPE).

We have individuals with great talent at the Department but we have often lacked leadership and team cohesiveness.  Leonard came in and continually challenged teams to take ownership and trust each other to play up to our collective abilities.

In addition, he continually gave me great insights in understanding and communicating with my team. I must confess Leonard understood me a lot better than I understood myself.  Thanks Leonard for always having foresight, but most importantly for teaching me that there is more to life than my job, I am positive that  my family will be able to benefit from me as a mother,  wife, sister and daughter before my life cover kicks in.  Your teachings have definitely taught me to always see the bigger picture.

It is my pleasure to recommend Leonard Carr and I can guarantee his signature impression that of trustworthiness and a personal mentor.

Ms Vimla Maistry

Chief Director: Communications & International Relations
Department of Public Enterprises

Ms Vimla Maistry, Department of Public Enterprises

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