Deon Oosthuizen

Leonard Carr presented a two day introductory course on personality to the management team of our company, and my life was never the same again.

Apart from his deep knowledge of the subject that enables him to speak with authority, the extraordinary effectiveness of his courses can be attributed to two of his outstanding characteristics in particular: his ability to be and stay attuned to his audience – enabling him to focus and mold his message in the most appropriate way, and secondly, his ability to abstract and explain very complex concepts in a simplified, entertaining manner that allows one to listen to him for hours. He possesses these abilities precisely because he is practicing what he preaches, i.e. he demonstrates the characteristics of growth and maturity he teaches about.

G. Deon Oosthuizen, Ph.D.

Chief Operating Officer – EPI-USE America, Inc.

Deon Oosthuizen, COO, EPI-USE America, Inc.

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