Talking in Thumbs

After all the articles about the overindulgence of children by parents and the resulting sense of entitlement one may ask whether or not this persists into adulthood or has any long term consequences. What would you think of making an initial contact with a future employer by sending a “please call me” instant message, or cancelling your first job interview with the same or simply not arriving and then expecting another opportunity to be interviewed.

How would you expect your boss to react if you were an hour and a half late for work, sent an “please call me” to let you boss know that you were on your way, got reprimanded upon arrival at work only to then have your mother to whom you had complained phone the employer to scream at him about how he had treated her precious unimpeachable darling who in her eyes could do no wrong. If you cannot see an issue here then you are no doubt under the age of twenty five or thirty. Generation used to mean about forty years. As we rapidly hurtle into the information age, the generations are changing at a much faster pace, and we are seeing a new generation of teenagers and young adults who do not know about “magna-carta canes and ink”. This generation has been dubbed the X generation. They are a generation that does not seem to live in a hierarchical world, and which see advanced age as something that brands you as getting behind the times rather than a reason to be respected. They are the generation that can conduct conversations with their thumbs while sitting at the dinning room table looking as if they are present at the mean only glancing down to quickly check the coded reply before looking up to appear present again while their thumbs hastily type out their next line. These are the same people that serve you in the computer shop and answer your most perplexing questions in a way that barely conceals either their mirth or patronising contempt for the way that you just do not seem to get what any ten year old should know.

People who would fall into the category of older than this so called X generation find the behaviour of these younger people anything from perplexing to downright arrogant, insolent and rude. Of course if you have to nerve to challenge this approach, you are only confirming in the generation X’ers mind how out of touch and obsolete you really are, as if a throwback from an age that has no role to play or relevance in their information driven advanced civilisation.

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