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10 Tips to Consider When Negotiating Roles

1. Reflect on what values, beliefs and assumptions you hold about the roles being negotiated, based on your personal, family and cultural history. 2. Clarify before you enter the negotiation what your taken for granted beliefs are about how the roles should be defined-what do you assume to be truths that everybody knows or believes. […]

Appreciating Relationships- The questions to be asking

Relationship Questions Questions for you: What in your mind are people signing up for when they enter into a relationship with you? How does this square up with what you told them or they thought they were signing up for? If the answer is that the promise and reality do not square up-what has changed […]

Heads you lose, tails your opponent wins

In the days of inquisitions, accused persons were tortured in order to establish whether or not they were innocent or acting in service of the devil.  Torture might have been for example being caged and dipped into a frozen river. If the ordeal killed you, then you were declared innocent and therefore vindicated, albeit posthumously. […]

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