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The Enneagram Effective Relationship Management Seminar

The full program workshop is geared towards people interested in tapping the human personality and understanding how to interact with and manage relationships better. It is specifically tailored towards the following groups of people: Business leaders, managers, change agents, facilitators, communicators and trainers who are concerned with maximising human potential at work to build effective […]

Appreciative Relationships: Discovering and Re-Claiming Your Inner Wealth

This experiential workshop is about re-searching your personal narrative and re-examining your personal narrative through the eyes of appreciative witnesses. The alchemists of old spoke about the idea of, through the alchemical process, turning base metals into gold.  As you release the stories from these previously un‐re‐searched areas of your life, you too are, through […]

Appreciative Relationships-The “Built to Last” Relationship

Great relationships are built. Mediocre or failed relationships are described by participants as something they have rather than something in which they invest and co-create. Good relationships have to be consciously maintained; they do not just happen. People nowadays expect a new type and quality of relationship and yet have no clear definition of what […]

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