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Relationship Renewal Workshop

An intimate committed relationship is the most profoundly powerful medium through which meaning, personal significance and self actualisation can only be attained through giving. True love is a verb not a subjective feeling. The most profound feelings of love, closeness, satisfaction and personal effectiveness are those that are attained from having invested in the growth […]

Spitting into the Wind

Zorba the Greek spoke about spitting into the wind. Have you ever respectfully confronted someone, even asked to be heard by them or requested some assistance and it as if they repackage your words and then throw them back at you in a destructive way? They criticise, blame, insult or in some other personal way […]

Drinking Poison

It is a fascinating phenomenon to see how people hold on to old grudges and resentment. It reminds me of old people who have outdated appliances like a decade’s year old unusable and unsalvageable mix masters or motor vehicles that have a major components missing. It is as if they are expecting it will miraculously […]

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