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The Enneagram Effective Relationship Management Seminar

The full program workshop is geared towards people interested in tapping the human personality and understanding how to interact with and manage relationships better. It is specifically tailored towards the following groups of people: Business leaders, managers, change agents, facilitators, communicators and trainers who are concerned with maximising human potential at work to build effective […]

Tips For H.R. and Recruitment Officers

Diverse Interview Panels The creation of a genuinely meritocratic culture means affording every individual  the opportunity to participate equally in the organisation. Opportunity to participate means every person being able fully show their potential and talent and to be recognised and rewarded on a fair and equal basis for their effort. This requires that organisations […]

Genesis and the Enneagram

“Behold, Man has become like the Unique One among us, knowing good and bad……” Introduction to the Enneagram of Co-Creation The concept of co-creation introduces a novel understanding of the Enneagram that bridges and integrates psychological and spiritual theory and practice. Fundamental to this approach is the conviction that human beings, through the exercise of […]

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