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What Is Your Anger Style?

1. Aggressive (Escalating) Makes threats instead of words, relies on action to communicate. Takes away the rights of others by behaving violently or abusively. Makes “You statements”. Has distorted thinking. Denies responsibility.

2. Passive (Stuffing) Keeps feelings inside. Denies or minimizes feelings. Says, “it doesn’t. matter or I don’t care.” Avoids conflicts. – Troub1e communicating directly. Feels helpless. Gives in and gives up. Directs anger at self. Tries to communicate, by behaving self-destructively. Has distorted thinking.

3. Passive Aggressive (Indirect) Doesn’t communicate directly. Doesn’t let people know what makes them angry. Communicates anger by giving the “silent treatment”, forgetting on purpose, being late, being catty & manipulating.

4. Assertive (Directing) Speaks up when there is a problem. Stays in control. Takes time out when needed, then comes back to the problem. Makes I statements. Communicates clearly and directly. Says what he/she wants from the other person. Stays on the subject. Listens to the other person.

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