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Appreciative Approach to Innovation

When the different aspects of you are in disharmony your experience of life is fragmented. In this state all you are able to do is survive, cope and manage the status-quo in a more or less ad-hoc manner. Attention and energy go into trying to create order and fielding the unrelenting demands and challenges of […]

De-nial Is Not Just a River

When is drinking a to be considered problem? If your drinking behaviour disturbs you, it has been a difficulty, and you’re finding it more challenging now that you’re trying to actually deal with the problem, it causes you any distress or impairment in your relationship, personal or work functioning, then you have to regard it […]

Embrace Life: An Appreciative Approach to Health Challenges

Choosing Your Preferred Life   Most people tend to understand their lives as ruled more by happenstance than by choice. It is as if your world is something that you were randomly dropped into and you therefore need to simply react to and manage as circumstances unfold. This belief results in people either being swept […]

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