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Time for a New Relationship?

Hi, this is Leonard Carr, in-house psychologist to Infusion Radio. I’m responding to an email from Lee, who calls herself, Divorced and loving it. You know Lee; I often tell people that marriage is as overrated by a single people as divorce is by married people. And you know, very often we think that marriage […]


(Written by Marilyn Segal from and interview with Leonard Carr) While dentists have not been documented as a risk group in the suicide rate of the general population, it is well known that they are at a higher risk than other professionals. “Dentists are probably viewed by their patients more as tormentors than as healers,” […]

Soulfullness and Threshold

What I’ve been describing in this program is a vision of life that I’ve termed “soulfulness”. Soulfulness describes a way of living that integrates the spiritual or quotidian or everyday, mundane lived aspects of life in a way that enriches and gives significance and meaning to everyday, ordinary existence. Soulfulness can be seen not simply […]

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