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Time for a New Relationship?

Hi, this is Leonard Carr, in-house psychologist to Infusion Radio. I’m responding to an email from Lee, who calls herself, Divorced and loving it. You know Lee; I often tell people that marriage is as overrated by a single people as divorce is by married people. And you know, very often we think that marriage […]

Culture Wars

A situation that so often arises is illustrated in the following story. A young bride to be decides that for the sake of bridge building and in order to make her future mother-in-law feel reassured that she is not losing a son but gaining a daughter in-law, invites her soon to be new relative to […]

Who had the worst day?

The debate over who had the worst day has not been resolved since the time of Adam and Eve. It would seem that many husbands of stay at home Mom’s harbour the fantasy that their wives spend the day drinking coffee, having their nails done and shopping with their spouse’s was hard earned money. The […]

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