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The Alchemy of Change

Introduction: Optimal Functioning An organisation that wishes to function optimally and create an adaptable, resilient and ultimately sustainable culture, needs a as priority, to grapple with the question of how to co-ordinate and manage change in a coherent way. This involves addressing the issue of how to pro-actively and maximally harness all the resources within […]

Comparative Advantages of Using the Leonard Carr Approach to Training

  Conventional Training Leonard Carr Consulting Takes people out of the office for protracted periods. People only leave their work for an hour per week or 90 minutes bi-weekly Gives people vast amounts of information in a short period  that is often overwhelming and difficult to integrate Allows managers to get to grips with issues […]

Is your leader the real deal?

As you watch the political stage, it is useful to know if you are backing a true leader or a self-centred power-hungry opportunist. True leaders measure their greatness by their followers You can broadly divide the stage into nation builders, who serve the greater good, and empire builders, who, through a leadership position, are merely […]

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