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Editorial Choices

There is an old joke about some elderly immigrants who are arguing over how a ritual was performed decades before in the old country. Exasperated they decided to go to the oldest member of their group who was 97. The old man replied, that while he could not remember how the ritual was performed, he […]


The one wise choice that I made in my life was to always attach myself to great mentors, and to draw from their wisdom. The wisest of all my mentors is my father-in-law who has been my primary mentor for the past 22 years and whose wisdom is to be found in much of what […]

The “In” Crowd

That self-appointed exclusive group of kids called the”in-crowd” or “the popular kids” never disappear or change their mentality or tactics. They simply become expensively dressed, sophisticated and mature versions of their younger selves. Their tactics, while showing the same intent, become more elaborate and develop a veneer of finesse. They still squeal and squeak, or […]

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