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Appreciative Problem Solving

How to Gain an Appreciative Perspective Before Raising a Potentially Contentious Issue with Someone: Step 1: Your experience: How does the (situation /circumstance / relationship) make you feel? How does it affect your performance / behaviour? What thoughts does it evoke? How does it influence your relationship with the other participants in this situation? What […]

Spitting into the Wind

Zorba the Greek spoke about spitting into the wind. Have you ever respectfully confronted someone, even asked to be heard by them or requested some assistance and it as if they repackage your words and then throw them back at you in a destructive way? They criticise, blame, insult or in some other personal way […]

Soulfullness and Threshold

What I’ve been describing in this program is a vision of life that I’ve termed “soulfulness”. Soulfulness describes a way of living that integrates the spiritual or quotidian or everyday, mundane lived aspects of life in a way that enriches and gives significance and meaning to everyday, ordinary existence. Soulfulness can be seen not simply […]

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