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Investment in Mediocrity: The Hidden Organisational Flaw

Mediocrity is not simply the absence of excellence. It is a state where the forces of , are dragging the organisation in the direction of dysfunction and ultimately disintegration. Leonard Carr shows us how commitment to real self-awareness and honesty will help us overcome the blind spots of mediocrity and help our organisations to flourish […]

Drinking Poison

It is a fascinating phenomenon to see how people hold on to old grudges and resentment. It reminds me of old people who have outdated appliances like a decade’s year old unusable and unsalvageable mix masters or motor vehicles that have a major components missing. It is as if they are expecting it will miraculously […]

The Bite of a Snake

Last week I was invited to speak at a dinner. The talk went well and I kept to the time limit required. The next morning I was sitting somewhere and heard someone saying to a person who had walked past me and I had recognised from the previous evening “gee, I heard that you had […]

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