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Appreciating Relationships- The questions to be asking

Relationship Questions Questions for you: What in your mind are people signing up for when they enter into a relationship with you? How does this square up with what you told them or they thought they were signing up for? If the answer is that the promise and reality do not square up-what has changed […]

Learn to grow

People often ask me the question “what kind of people go to you for therapy?”. The question thinly masks the underlying fear that they have in seeking help from a psychologist. The question they would ask if they were not self too self-conscious is “am I the crazy dysfunctional one?”. The answer that I always […]

Who had the worst day?

The debate over who had the worst day has not been resolved since the time of Adam and Eve. It would seem that many husbands of stay at home Mom’s harbour the fantasy that their wives spend the day drinking coffee, having their nails done and shopping with their spouse’s was hard earned money. The […]

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