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Appreciating Relationships- The questions to be asking

Relationship Questions Questions for you: What in your mind are people signing up for when they enter into a relationship with you? How does this square up with what you told them or they thought they were signing up for? If the answer is that the promise and reality do not square up-what has changed […]

Tips For H.R. and Recruitment Officers

Diverse Interview Panels The creation of a genuinely meritocratic culture means affording every individual  the opportunity to participate equally in the organisation. Opportunity to participate means every person being able fully show their potential and talent and to be recognised and rewarded on a fair and equal basis for their effort. This requires that organisations […]

Investment in Mediocrity: The Hidden Organisational Flaw

Mediocrity is not simply the absence of excellence. It is a state where the forces of , are dragging the organisation in the direction of dysfunction and ultimately disintegration. Leonard Carr shows us how commitment to real self-awareness and honesty will help us overcome the blind spots of mediocrity and help our organisations to flourish […]

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