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How Should Family Be Defined in Law?

Amicus Brief: IN THE CONSTITUTIONAL COURT OF SOUTH AFRICA CASE NO: CCT 40/01 In the matter between:- D, S First Applicant D A Second Applicant and THE MINISTER OF WELFARE AND POPULATION DEVELOPMENT First Respondent THE MINISTER OF JUSTICE Second Respondent THE COMMISSIONER FOR CHILD WELFARE, PRETORIA Third Respondent The overriding value that forms the […]

Talking in Thumbs

After all the articles about the overindulgence of children by parents and the resulting sense of entitlement one may ask whether or not this persists into adulthood or has any long term consequences. What would you think of making an initial contact with a future employer by sending a “please call me” instant message, or […]

Spitting into the Wind

Zorba the Greek spoke about spitting into the wind. Have you ever respectfully confronted someone, even asked to be heard by them or requested some assistance and it as if they repackage your words and then throw them back at you in a destructive way? They criticise, blame, insult or in some other personal way […]

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