Something to Celebrate

Walking down a hotel corridor a few hours before New Year’s Eve, I overheard a conversation between two people with regard to their party plans for the evening. The one guy said at the top of his voice, that his intention was to “get drunk and disorderly”.

While this was superficially amusing, it reflects something really sad. Most people have lost the concept of celebration. As a poor substitute someone invented parties which are plastic fake imitations of celebration.

The reason that parties are so empty is because they mark the passing of something, an ending or the ending of something that people are glad is over. In both cases the joy over something that no longer exists. It is joy over nothingness. This is reflected in e the awkwardness of the interaction, the emptiness of the conversation, the smiles, the hugs, the kisses, and the loneliness of the eyes.  It is demonstrated in the stale, predictable, well-worn party routines that people recycle from one party to the next.  Parties are the celebration of nothing to celebrate. Parties are enjoyed through anaesthesia of alcohol and drugs, combined with manufactured intensity aided by the distraction of loud music, lights gyration and flirtation.

What people really crave is the authentic celebration that gives life richness and meaning. To celebrate a New Year, you need to view the year past in terms of your personal material, emotional and spiritual acquisitions.

This includes personal growth, special relationships, ones blessings, achievements, fabulous moments and contribution. It is these things that make one feel rich and substantial. The mere contemplation of such abundance becomes a sparkling celebration.  Knowing what there is to celebrate also fills you with a sense of the richness that is taking into the next year.

The celebration marks the culmination of your efforts over the past year, and the resources with which you enter into the New Year, as you take your life to the next level, whatever that means for you.

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