Relationship Renewal Workshop

An intimate committed relationship is the most profoundly powerful medium through which meaning, personal significance and self actualisation can only be attained through giving. True love is a verb not a subjective feeling.

The most profound feelings of love, closeness, satisfaction and personal effectiveness are those that are attained from having invested in the growth and well-being of another.

In this workshop you will:


  1. Focus on what will make you feel enriched and supported by your partner
  2. Find out how to rekindle the inspiration that brought you together
  3. Make an inventory of the value that has accrued to you from the partnership since you met.
  4. Take account of all the aspects that you wish to enhance and grow in your relationship and what that will require.
  5. Recommit to advancing and extending the same credit way did when you first wanted to get together
  6. Consider what you need to give each other to support your growth and well-being and be a catalyst to each of you realising your full potential.

The cost of this workshop is R 750 excluding vat per person. The cost can be claimed from medical aid and be alsomost entirely covered as group therapy.

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