Finding Your Partner, Discovering Yourself

Finding Your Partner, Discovering Yourself: Reclaiming Love, Intimacy and Peace through Relationship

A good relationship is expresses and honours your most deeply held aspirations, values and ideals.

In this workshop you will be given the opportunity to:

  1. Discover ways to become pro-active in co-creating relationships that work for both partners.
  2. Discover a unique and creative approach to personal growth that will show you how you often use relationships to encounter and expressing your authentic self and highest potential.
  3. You will get to see how relationships are a resource for getting to deeply know yourself and practice being present to others.
  4. Find out about how intimacy and peace are ways of being in the world, in relation to yourself as well as in relationships with others.
  5. Gain insight into an appreciative personality and relationship appraoch and how different ways of being show up in relationships.

The guiding principle will be that people grow and thrive through self-discovery and positive validation of their personal power and effectiveness in a safe affirming environment

  • Self-disclosure is entirely optional on this workshop.
  • The primary purpose of this program is enhanced self-awareness and the deepening of empathy and compassion through greater insight.

Who is the course aimed at?

  • Singles who are pro-actively planning their next relationship,
  • Couples already in relationships,
  • Engaged couples preparing for their commitment to marriage,
  • Married couples wishing to enrich their relationship.
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