Renegotiating Roles Workshop

The Western culture has been involved in a mammoth project that began with the birth of movements like feminism, to re-negotiate and redefine the roles and identities that in previous eras were taken for granted.

In the past traditional cultural assumptions about gender roles and marriage, the status, powers, privileges’ and responsibilities of husband and wife, mother and father were clear as to be beyond challenge.

Today people are free to define their own roles and choices.  This renaissance creates opportunity; it also creates certain confusion which in turn leads to either power struggles as people try to negotiate their new roles or people being disempowered by the pretence of equality when the equality is selective.

In this workshop you will discover:

  1. How to find peace as a modern mother
  2. How to juggle multiple roles and cope when everybody wants a piece of you.
  3. How to negotiate the roles that make up family life so that tasks and responsibilities put on the table and divided fairly.
  4. How to make peace with the role that you have chosen.How to maintain an equal voice in the negotiation about roles and responsibilities.

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