Choosing Your Preferred Life

Embracing life to the fullest is about creating an ecology that affirms and supports well-being, health and vitality. When the ecology is in balance, then only healthy, positive vitality and life-giving energy thrive in that world.  View your life as an ecology and think about creating a life where only good will survive and every other aspect of life that is not to your benefit would be unwelcome.


Shaping your world is a creative co-evolutionary process in which you actively participate. Your experience of your personal narrative is formed by the way that you give meaning to, interpret and emotionally respond to what arises in your awareness from moment to moment.


When you embrace this idea you will easily grasp the idea that creating your ideal life begins when you fully and whole heartedly appreciate and embrace your experience, your humanity and your world.  The overriding challenge is to live appreciatively and whole heartedly embrace life to the fullest.


In this workshop you will:


  1. Become aware of how you get in your own way and the obstacles that stand in the way of you living your best life.


  1. Decide what values, ideals and aspiration would characterise your best life


  1. Commit to the necessary nest steps to create the life that you most deeply desire.
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