Becoming Your Own Best Friend

Loving yourself is a responsibility. Creating a relationship with yourself, turning yourself into your own best friend is really the first step to having a good life.

When people don’t love themselves it is often because they are scared of the consequences of loving yourself. Loving yourself comes with certain responsibilities.

It means you’ve got to take yourself seriously.  It means you’ve got to be consistent about honouring your own values, your own truth.


In this workshop you will:


  1. Examine what the consequences are of loving yourself and why those consequences are may be scary for you.
  2. Decide whether you are seriously prepared to allow yourself to be loved?
  3. Embrace the challenge start to value yourself, understand your true worth is and what to expect from the other people
  4. Get in touch with what it would take to start to attract people who wish to invest in your betterment and well-being and be able to accept their input graciously.
  5. Begin the journey of allowing yourself to be loved because you consider yourself to be a person whose worthy of love.
  6. Embrace the responsibilities or costs of being desirable, attractive and loved and having someone else committed to you.


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