“I’m not crazy, I just don’t think like you”

A key determinant of business success is the quality of working relationships within a business.  Yet personality conflicts are almost an inevitable reality that management will have to deal with, both in its own ranks, in management’s relationship with staff and in relationships between staff and in relationships with customers.

These conflicts tend to surface when things are going awry, when it is particularly important that the organisation functions at its optimum level.  As a consequence of these conflicts, bad decisions can be made, deals can be lost, operations can be dysfunctional and an enormous amount of time can be wasted.

The key issue in business is the effective management of people, which is really the management of personalities.  It is a cliché in business circles that people are promoted to management because there is no-where else for them to go whereas it is known that they are awful people managers.


Business schools do not provide specific training as to how to manage personality conflicts.  More particularly, little is taught about the reality, that in certain positions, really good people can tend to be “difficult”. Yet this is an integral part of management – the day to day management of people and relationships.


This intensive introductory workshop combines ancient wisdom and cutting edge psychological theory. You will be introduced to one of the most powerful and effective tools for enhancing human potential and facilitating change in both the workplace and in peoples’ personal lives.


The workshop will outline the major personality styles that form the basis of the Enneagram and will clarify how each of these types has a distinct worldview that determines thought, expectations and actions.


The insights gained will apply to:

  • organisational effectiveness
  • leadership
  • coaching self and others and
  • resolving interpersonal and communication problems in teams
  • building strong relationships with key customer representatives.
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