Optimise Your Learning Experience

  1. Reflect on these points before and after each break in the workshop.
  2. The practice of silence is strongly recommended as a path to self-awareness.
  3. Be as centered or grounded inside yourself as you possibly can and simply present to what is going on-embody a stance of respect and regard.
  4. Focus personal notes on your own process and growing insight and awareness rather than capturing course content.
  5. Consider why are you here? What are you willing and intending to invest?
  6. What does your willingness and intention to invest say about you and your relationship with yourself? Your valuing of yourself?
  7. Picture and describe your preferred outcomes. (Describe in detail as if directing a movie of the future outcomes of your present intentions and choices)
  8. Anticipate benefit-have an expectation of personal gain and value.
  9. Invest effort-come from the energy of inspiration.
  10. What would you be doing if there were no barriers or limitations in your life?
  11. Define the states of love and peace as ways of being in the world.
  12. Have an open, receptive mind-a non-judging stance characterized by listening to yourself and others as you and they would prefer to be listened to.
  13. Have an open, receptive heart-open to an empathetic understanding of yourself and others with a compassion for your and their being and dilemmas.
  14. Show curiosity-have a spirit of genuine inquiry and a hunger to learn.

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