Never be the Sixth Fool-Neutralising Process De-railers

There are those who can be tongue-in-cheek be referred to as the “fools” who, at various points in the unfolding of evolutionary social processes, derail the conversations, exercises, interactions or even entire projects. The sixth fool is the person who was responsible for managing and keeping the process on track and does not see the derailment coming or deal with it timeously or effectively. There are many motivations behind the derailing of processes. They range from personality issues, like the desire for power and dominance, vanity and competition, inertia and the desire to conserve energy and maintain the status quo. There can also be vested interests, like the investment in mediocrity and dysfunction as a way to avoid being exposed as incompetent or corrupt.

De-railers are well practiced at their game. The managers or custodians of process are greatly disadvantaged if they are naively unsuspecting or too slow to recognise the signs of power plays and manipulation threatening to derail process.

In this workshop you will:

1. Learn to recognise the typical motives and intentions that drive de-railers.

2. Get an understanding of why different personality types derail process an how to recognise the early warning signs of someone acting out in this way.

3. Be given a toolkit to assist you in addressing the threats as they arise.

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