It takes a village to raise a child

It takes a village to raise a child, and a village mentality to empower an adult. The village mentality could be described as one where the world is perceived to be a closed system, where personal value like expertise or skills power in the form of knowledge given away can ever be lost. Benefitting another enriches the world, and all those resident in the world including the giver. People can be empowered through being given value or something of worth that they can trade in the market and the opportunity to use that value. Everybody has got by virtue of their own unique histories and life experiences wisdom, knowledge’s and skills. When people share those resources with others they allow others to benefit from the results of those life experience without the beneficiary having to go through the same.  If you look at others who do not seem to have the same knowledge wisdom or skill set as you as being deficient and lacking in potential, then you are taking your life experience for granted. This leads to the mistaken assumption that what you know and believe is what everybody should understand in order to qualify as normal or as having potential. Privilege has many lessons and advantages and so does hardship and so called disadvantage. People who grew up without the advantages of for example good education and exposure to people in the business and professional worlds before they themselves entered it have some catching up to do to learn the arcane codes and rules of the game in those arenas. On the other hand people who had it relatively easy do not necessarily know about the tenacity, perseverance, determination, hope, optimism and self-belief it takes to get to the same place as a privileged counterpart who got there as if by birthright. When you start to share your knowledge wisdom and skill in order to empower others, and look to acquire the same from those to whom you are giving, you will discover that as custodians of different understandings of the world you can enhance each other’s views in immeasurably enriching ways.  By giving away value and through realising that everyone you encounter has knowledge and wisdom to offer you can increase your personal value and empowerment and do the same for others in every situation. Empowerment is the economics of kindness’, generosity and good-will.  It allows you to experience your power to add value to others and express the highest aspects of your humanity. Choosing to participate in true empowerment, connects you to a community of people who realise that everyone has within their sphere of influence the ability to create a truly prosperous and just society.

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