I am offended!

Insanity really is hereditary-you get it from your children! You do not know the meaning of the word vulnerability until you have had children, and more particularly when those children, saturated with testosterone and inflated ego’s start to drive.

One of mine got his licence a few weeks ago. My wife and I said told him that he needs to be careful on our unpredictable roads. “I am offended” was his indignant reply as he took the car keys of my car, and stormed off to a friend.

Some time later I receive a please call me, which for those of you who don’t know, is the preferred communication mode of the thrifty the beneficiaries of limited pocket money.

“We’ve had an accident” were the words that greeted me on the phone, in a temporary contrite and sheepish voice.

I arrived at the seen of the hit and run accident to see to little boys with drivers licenses, sitting on the side of the road like Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn after being caught doing something mischievous.

It was not his fault. I nevertheless could not help but offer a secret prayer of grateful thanks to whomever sent this perfectly designed lesson to teach though experience what no parent is able to teach and no match teenager would be prepared to hear from any other source.

Please don’t quote me on this, but I have often thought that just because adolescence is not listed in the diagnostic manual that it is not a mental illness.

Maybe I am the crazy one expecting adult judgment and self control from a teenager. Or maybe its just hard to let go, hard to trust a world that I have lived in to long to be naive about. Its not hat I am overprotective. I did though contemplate asking the army for an unused armed vehicle to give my children as first cars.

As I contemplate this story, it occurs to me that ambivalence has been given a bad name. Of course I want them to grow up and be independent. Sure I get joy from watching then become adults and flex all of their talent and resource muscles in the world. At the same time I also want them to stay close, to take the guidance from me that they get free and without having to make an appointment, unlike my professional clients.

Herein I guess lies the human condition. Just when I have the wisdom to guide them and the money to spend time with them because I no longer have to work until late at night, they are moving out and seeking to guidance of bushy tailed friends whose thoughts are intoxicated with the same male hormones.

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