How are you treating others?

Many believe that a person’s treatment o the world is influenced by their perception of the world. The converse however is also true. Your treatment of the world influences your perception of the world.  For example, if you take a physical object – let’s take a motor car – you might have a dented 30 year old Beetle that you put every effort into keeping it well tuned, clean and looking spic and span as possible. What would your relationship be with the car?  You love it.  And you can have a 2008 top of the range Aston Martin and you can treat it like a dustbin.  You can eat hamburgers in it and leave your half eaten hamburger on the floor. You never clean or service the car. It is not the value of the object that determines your relationship with the object but rather your behaviour towards it.  This applies to physical objects and even more so with regard to attitude towards and regard for other people. Think of this in terms of how you address people, whether or not you greet someone, whether you call them by their correct title or a first name or a derogatory name, whether you speak respectfully to them in tone, manner and language.  Consider how the way one honours and appointment, arriving punctually and prepared or presenting work at a standard that shows that one respects the person who will be using that piece of work or evaluating it. Good manners and respectful courteous behaviour are not just nice to haves or quaint old fashioned traditions that no longer apply. Rules of correct and appropriate conduct towards others embody the wisdom of about which I am speaking that is known by all cultures albeit that the form varies from one culture to another. The healing of society starts with simple acts of reverence and respect. It starts in the home, the school, in the street and at the workplace. It’s about simply treating every person like a member of a club that you would like to belong to and be  identified with.

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