Gossip and division

It has been said that there are only two types of people in the world, those who make gross simplistic generalisations and those who don’t. There is one generalisation that if you test you will find to be true. There are two types of people in the world. There are those who want to make a contribution and build the world. There are others who believe that their own interests and those of the greater good is the same thing. These later types take even when they appear to be giving, because their perceived value in life is always based on the calculation of “what’s in it for me?”.  If “what’s in it for you?” is your starting point in life, then you need to always make sure that everything goes your way, that you are always the winner. To ensure that your interests always prevail  you need to be an expert at manipulating people and situations so that everything pans out to your advantage. This is why people who are in the world to take and maximise personal benefit cannot avoid being destructive even when they are ostensibly building something or trying to achieve even something that is for the good. Making sure that you are always a winner means that not only do you need to conceal your own shortcomings, but you also need to make sure that other people always look flawed so that you are never exposed or outshone. If you impugn the reputation of another, then you undermine their credibility and neutralise them in advance lest they try to do the same to you.  You could add to this by taking their ideas or work and passing it off as your own before they do. People who operate in this manner make the people around them feel threatened. Those threatened respond either by siding with the one who looks like the potential winner, aligning with the safety of the stronger team and avoiding the same treatment. This is one of the reasons that people become sycophants. The other possible response is for people faced with the threat of being disempowered or disenfranchised through being run down, is to protect themselves by doing the same thing back to the person posing the threat.  This is in one of the key dynamics of politics. People who are out for themselves, despite protestations to the contrary, cannot build social grouping because their whole approach is essentially one of divide and conquer-factionalise the world into those who are with you, the rest being part of the enemy. The weapon used for this destruction is the tongue. The faculty of speech has the power to build and inspire

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