Give Guilt a Holiday

The human condition, as it pertains to possibly the majority of western women in the working world, can be described as a double bind. At home with the children, women feel cut off from the world, frustrated, bored and unaccomplished. At work they feel that they should be at home performing what on some level they know to be the most important job of their life, which is raising happy secure children.


It’s a simple fact of life that you cannot be everything to everybody, including to yourself, and have it all; eventually something’s got to give. When trying to be super woman, everything suffers in the end. The reason is that you cannot fully invest in what you are doing and give your full self to the task while telling yourself that you should be somewhere else and that where you are does not fully count.


When you give while starving and depriving yourself, you give of your emotional capital and that creates a vacuum in you that results in the people to whom you give feeling guilty, obligated or manipulated by your giving. When you give what you in reality do not have everyone becomes poorer.


When you nurture yourself, your giving is from your dividends and from the bounty of your inner wealth. When you give from your true substance, then both you and the beneficiaries of your goodness become more enriched.



In this workshop you will:

  1.  Be invited to engage with the process as a precious gift that you are giving yourself, believing that you are worth the investment.
  2. Take time to reflect on who you are, what you want in life and what is really most important to you
  3. Engage the inner voices of needs, feelings, intuitions and deeply held ideals to bolster your authority and voice in order to make the claims that will allow you to fully own your life
  4. Take stock of what it is that you would, following on from this experience, commit to taking home and back to work with you

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