Leonard Carr’s Vision: An Appreciative World

Creating An Appreciative World-The Vision


The light of a single flame has the power to enlighten the entire world, one candle at a time. The combined wisdoms of Talmud, science and psychology are used to show that substance and light are synonymous. Every person has the power within their own particular sphere of influence to enlighten and appreciate (in all senses of the word) the value and substance of others.

Through appreciative witnessing, the unique new approach that I have developed, every individual has the power to illuminate the unique qualities, talents and abilities that other people possess. When people have a more profound sense of their own value and potential, they experience themselves as a consequence to be more substantial, rich and whole. When people have a deeply felt sense of their own substance they see the light in the world, the transcendent and inclusive reality of the world being a big ecology.

They also recognise the value of their own contribution to that ecology and by extension the value of all other beings that share their world.  Light also implies wisdom and values. Spreading light in this sense means creating more appreciation of how the worlds of individuals, groups and cultures can cohere together into a harmonious order. This is the true definition of peace.

The whisper of a candle flame symbolises the power of truth to speak for itself. The test needs to be no more than the resonance of the ideas in the heart, the scrutiny of common sense and rationality, and the transcendence and inclusivity of the ideas that make them universal.

I believe that these ideas are worth spreading for their potential to create a world that is more inhabitable through solving complex social problems using simple methods of re-humanising interaction that can be taught to virtually anybody.

An appreciative world is one in which people view each other as sources of richness and potential as opposed to competition and threat.

In such a world, you have a tangible felt and deeply understood sense of your intrinsic value and potential which gives rise to greater self-respect and self worth.

This results in you taking yourself on a physical, psychological, and spiritual level. It would give you the motivation and inspiration to take your talent and potential seriously.

This in turn gives rise to a sense of optimism and hope for the future. This net result would be more self-care, more commitment and investment in realising your potential and a bright future.

The natural outgrowth of this experience of your own humanity is the realisation that other people, albeit that they are not always aware of it, have the same value and potential. This leads to you treating others as allies in co-creating a shared resourceful world, bringing peace and harmony into their lives.

Creating An Appreciative World-The Vision

My vision is for this ideal to become a social movement.

The possibility exists for this vision to take root in communities from a pre-school, primary and high school level. I would like to see it in homes, enhancing personal growth and family relationships.

It is possible that appreciative living could be used in organisations, enhancing personal and team effectiveness, fostering a deep and real appreciation of the richness in diversity and enhancing leadership and management skills.

This approach could be adopted by therapists, mentors, teachers, community leaders and coaches who have the power and the opportunity to participate in creating a more appreciative world.

Potential Benefits of an Appreciative Society

In a society or community where there is a fatalistic approach life, one witnesses people from an early age engaging in high risk sexual behaviour, violence and addiction.

The breakdown of values manifests also in the disintegration of the fabric of society manifesting in marriage and family breakdown, corruption and high levels of crime.

These social phenomena show that people are adopting a self-centred survivalist approach to life rather than one which is ecological and creative.

An appreciative society is one that is values and ethics based.

If people take their own lives and the lives of others more seriously, then they would be naturally receptive to learning how best to do this. Learning about and applying values makes sense to people who appreciate the value of their own and the lives of others.

An appreciative society would be characterised by more compassion, good-will and mutual respect. An appreciative society is one in which people perceive themselves as contributors to a larger ecology for the benefit of the greater good.


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