Comparative Advantages of Using the Leonard Carr Approach to Training


Conventional Training Leonard Carr Consulting
Takes people out of the office for protracted periods. People only leave their work for an hour per week or 90 minutes bi-weekly
Gives people vast amounts of information in a short period  that is often overwhelming and difficult to integrate Allows managers to get to grips with issues in manageable chunks that can be processed and applied over time.
If people miss a day of the workshop they lose the value of whole workshop If people miss a session they can easily make up the lost material be listening to a recording of the session
Firm gets charged per participant  Firm gets charged a global fee based on time
Does not have much impact on culture. Builds the desired culture through the training process
Offered by outside vendors as generic programs Custom made to apply theory to enable people to deal with the realities ABSA Capital   
Based on the philosophies and orientations of multiple  vendors A singular approach aimed at creating coherence in the management culture.
Constraints of time and trust prevent really controversial or difficulty issues being raised or dealt with in training Allows time to build trust and rapport in forums that will allow deeper and challenging issues to be raised.
Big consulting firms use often junior or newly trainers and beginner consultants Training is done by the creator of the content and a seasoned presenter an facilitator
Cost is very high and the lasting benefit limited Cost is lower and the lasting benefit is assured
Take on numerous clients simultaneously and senior management only do selling or crisis management remaining otherwise quite remote Takes on a very limited number of clients at any one time and is available and easily accessible to consult on problem areas as they arise. 

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