Rehumanising The World

Appreciative Approach to Innovation

When the different aspects of you are in disharmony your experience of life is fragmented. In this state all you are able to do is survive, cope and manage the status-quo in a more or less ad-hoc manner. Attention and energy go into trying to create order and fielding the unrelenting demands and challenges of […]

Re-humanising Interactions

The way in which you listen and respond to others shows an early fundamental choice that you once made and have continued to act upon. The choice is reflected in whether people to leave encounters with you feeling enriched, as if they have gained more substance and value, or diminished by the encounter, robbed of […]

The Righteous Web of Pretence and Lies

There are times in the life of some families, divorce, suicide, child abuse and addiction are the preferred options when expressing authentic needs and feelings is simply too dangerous. Lives of the innocent are sacrificed on the altar, of honouring parents, keeping the peace, doing the right thing and avoiding criticism of neighbours or co-religionists. […]

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