Re-humanising Interactions

The way in which you listen and respond to others shows an early fundamental choice that you once made and have continued to act upon. The choice is reflected in whether people to leave encounters with you feeling enriched, as if they have gained more substance and value, or diminished by the encounter, robbed of […]

The Unspoken Rules: A Hidden Barrier to Transforamtion

Capitalist societies privilege as a way of generating prosperity the principle of competition. Competition is an inherently individualistic approach. Those who grow up in such a society are taught this and recruited into this value system in family and school-it becomes an implicit part of their mentality and approach to life. People, who grow up […]

The Best Kept Secret about Organisational Culture

The quality and coherence of organisational culture is the prime asset that makes or the liability that breaks an organisation. The content and quality people’s relationships with each other, the coherence of people’s relationships with their roles, the organisational objectives and with the organisation itself, defines the organisational culture. Culture is difficult to define or […]

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