Something to Celebrate

Walking down a hotel corridor a few hours before New Year’s Eve, I overheard a conversation between two people with regard to their party plans for the evening. The one guy said at the top of his voice, that his intention was to “get drunk and disorderly”. While this was superficially amusing, it reflects something […]

Appreciative Approach to Innovation

When the different aspects of you are in disharmony your experience of life is fragmented. In this state all you are able to do is survive, cope and manage the status-quo in a more or less ad-hoc manner. Attention and energy go into trying to create order and fielding the unrelenting demands and challenges of […]

Appreciative Problem Solving

How to Gain an Appreciative Perspective Before Raising a Potentially Contentious Issue with Someone: Step 1: Your experience: How does the (situation /circumstance / relationship) make you feel? How does it affect your performance / behaviour? What thoughts does it evoke? How does it influence your relationship with the other participants in this situation? What […]

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