The Enneagram Effective Relationship Management Seminar

The full program workshop is geared towards people interested in tapping the human personality and understanding how to interact with and manage relationships better. It is specifically tailored towards the following groups of people: Business leaders, managers, change agents, facilitators, communicators and trainers who are concerned with maximising human potential at work to build effective […]

10 Tips to Consider When Negotiating Roles

1. Reflect on what values, beliefs and assumptions you hold about the roles being negotiated, based on your personal, family and cultural history. 2. Clarify before you enter the negotiation what your taken for granted beliefs are about how the roles should be defined-what do you assume to be truths that everybody knows or believes. […]

Appreciative Problem Solving

How to Gain an Appreciative Perspective Before Raising a Potentially Contentious Issue with Someone: Step 1: Your experience: How does the (situation /circumstance / relationship) make you feel? How does it affect your performance / behaviour? What thoughts does it evoke? How does it influence your relationship with the other participants in this situation? What […]

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